This is the first of my fan submissions! This is a 1966 Chevrolet Nova SS Pro Stock by AMT in 1/25 scale. Painted in Gloss Baby Blue (Krylon) with a Princess Purple interior, this is a very well done car by Jimmy Y. Minus the scoop and with the wheelie bars, this looks like a true runner. I like the rims especially, and I’m glad the “bee-hive” scoop was left off as it allows the dual quads to be seen. He also used Bright Chrome to do the engine bay and has it detailed pretty extensively. I hate to see things left half-baked, but this engine is far from it. Sweet.

The kit itself is a rather cheap one with some basic AMT fitting flaws. The chrome grille needs shaved in the back to adhere correctly to the front – as there is not a lot to glue to; the running-board trim is far too thick for the scale; the rear panel insert is cheap looking; and the overall feel is.. well, cheap. The kit IS inexpensive, though, and can be bought at Hobby Lobby for a mere $16 with coupon. Not my fave, but this is a nice build just the same. CHEERS Jim!

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