This is a review of the Revell Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Kit#2015

So, there are literally 60 years of Corvettes to choose from, which equates to literally hundreds of different kits. Why this one then? Well, this is a fantastic car that is not only a dream to behold, it is a killer performance value. The kit is really decent too. I had done this one years ago and I can say it is easy to work with as long as you are patient. There is only one production run of this model car to this point and it has two covers. They sport the same pieces, decals, and options and there is nothing else out there – save for a lousy snap kit.

CAR BACKGROUND :: If the C5 was the corner stone for the Corvette’s entrance into the technological arena, then the C6 was the fortress. The C6 Corvette was a performance icon – taking on Porsches and Ferraris in stock form and destroying them in ZR-1 mode. This done at 1/3rd or more of the competitions’ prices. The Z06 was the pantheon of cost cutting performance. For a mere $60,000, you got 500hp, a 0-60 in under 4 seconds, and a top speed of 190mph. Beyond that, you ended up with a ¼mile time that was on par with the ’05 Ford GT, Audi R8, and Ferrari F430 – @ just 11.9 seconds. Considering the average cost for the cars I just mentioned was around $220,000, you get the idea what a performance deal this car actually was. Beyond that, the car handled as good as anything on the road, was equipped with most comforts (save decent seats), and could go from 0-170 in ONE GEAR. Damn.

Mica Silver. I was thrilled when I saw the color by Tamiya. The “mica” colors had been fantastic for my builds to this point, so I thought – YES! Well.. not really. The color was far and away less glossy than I had hoped. It also wasn’t that easy to coat evenly. I can say I do NOT recommend it. Aside from my OCD, the car still shows well. I used the secondary 5-spoke rims (included in the kit) and had to add nothing. The black trim around the windows is a pain in the tookus and there is a LOT of glass that can be glue-ruined if not careful.

The interior is really good and detailed save for the console. They included the standard radio and such that would be found in a base ’06 Corvette. The Z06’s came with a screen and better dials. The remainder of the interior, unfortunately, is boring black plastic and carpet. It is a curse that the Corvette interiors are basic and unspectacular. Even the Bose system in my C5 is from a Pontiac parts bin and looks out of place in a car with the lowest wind resistance of ANY car that year.

Where I just trashed Porsche’s (and that particular 959’s) engine for it’s looks, the Z06 looks like it could run the front end off the car. It sits tightly between two walls of bottles, containers, hoses, and other paraphernalia. The red engine covers are a crappy fit and should have been designed better. Also when detailing the aluminum line that comes out of the side of the right cover, make sure to be sparing with the paint as it will run down the hose into other crevices of the cover. It will look terrible and you’ll be forced to re-do. There was also nothing to add here but detail, so “A-” at least for Revell’s bay.

I cannot come up with any other problems besides needing patience for this one. There is a lot of detail work and a lot of glass-work that can ruin this car. The rear fin is all red clear plastic, but needs to be painted mostly black. The front grille needs painted black, but is in a tough indented area with little room for error. The front lenses for the fog lamps are glass but need glued in place into a spot less than a centimeter wide. Like I said, tedium and patience. Anyways, the car will show well, is still a simple build, and will be easier to insure than the real thing! It also is a SOLID investment as they are becoming fewer by the day, so grab one either way!

8.25 Good

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