Hello. My name is Kevin and I’ve been a model car.., well car enthusiast for my entire life and have been building cars (some planes and boats as well) since I was about 9 years old. Knowing my track record for stupid injuries, I cannot understand why my mom allowed me to have a knife, glue and other maiming instruments, however, I did build from then on and have gotten a lot of experience in it.

I am currently disabled from an autoimmune disease that is rare and incurable. On good days I am 80% and on medicine-flop days, I look as helpless as a 90 year old. Model cars has been an outlet for me as there is very little that has to be going well for me to do them. I’ve gotten so comfortable, that I could probably do ANY car out there without instructions JUST on car knowledge and experience.

This site is to give information to modelers, give links and tips to newbies, and is a display for my best attempts at building some of the best cars in the world. Mostly muscle cars at this point, I will be displaying newer cars, boats, and other model kits eventually. These are put up here with personal pride (mostly from building thousands of kits and spending WAY too much money on the hobby) to show what these kits include, how good they are, and tips for building them. I am not a braggart looking for applause, this is just an accumulation of my experience and love for the art and I hope you get something out of being here!



**** P.S. I am ALWAYS looking to purchase large quantities of model cars – either old collections or estate sales.. etc. If you have one to sell, please feel free to drop me a note anytime in the contacts section. I love model car, boat/ship, and plane kits and will give as fair price as I can. ****


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