This is a review of the Jo-han 1969 SC / Rambler #GC-2500

This review is a bit different than I’ve usually done. This is more of a rant and dismembering than a review. The JO-HAN kits have a long standing of being rare, expensive, and good quality. This is NOT that type of kit.

I have long wanted to buy another AMC kit that wasn’t a pitiful Pacer, lethargic Gremlin, or abhorred Matador. This kit is readily on Ebay and sells for exactly one arm and two legs… around $65. I thought that I could make a good run at producing a nice looking model. What I didn’t realize is that the lovely folks at JO-HAN designed a poorly crafted fraud.

The big gag with this expensive B.S. comes from the car NOT BEING a 1969 Rambler. This is – IN FACT – a 1966 Rambler Rogue American. – And here’s why:

The rear end of the car has taillights that are wider than where the hood starts. The 1969 taillights end AT the hood. The only Rambler to have this is a 1966.

The actual ’69 Rambler SC had taillights like this one. The remainder of the rear is the same, but the rear valance is quite different.

This is the model car – and as you can see – the taillights do not match the ’69. This American also doesn’t have side markers like the ’69 – or any other emblems either.

Now, aside from being a fraud, the model car is quite garbage for numerous reasons. Like:

  • There is a multitude of flash to deal with – even with the chrome pieces. Some parts are even hidden on the tree because of it (took me a third time through the trees to find the ignition coil because it was stuck to the tree with flash – hiding it completely).
  • The axles are made of round plastic that are difficult to use, roll, and insert. It is made worse since TWO of the wheel backs are made for a pin – which doesn’t come with the car. I had to use toothpicks to fix this issue.
  • The decals – being some 30 years old – were rubbish. Following the instructions, I wasn’t able to use two of them as they broke and crumbled from age. The side decals also don’t have cutouts for the door handles – making a terrible procedure of cutting.
  • The trunk lid fits about as well as a size 27 shoe on Richard Petty. The gap is outlandish and made worse by not being attachable for “opening”.

The hood had a chip in it; the wheels were whitewalls (not typical for these cars – more for a ’66 American); the headrests don’t have the texture needed for the tri-color look; and being a ’66 vs a ’69, the car should have a 327ci – since it did not come with a 390.

I painted the car Classic White, but wished I had used a ’66 American color. That said, I would still have had a misplaced hood scoop if I wanted to go more stock. I also painted the rims as per a SC, but think I may change them as the red side decals are toast.

There is a lot to be said for buying this model car and keeping it for an investment. It is already selling for $50-$60 and more. I find the model and the high sales of them despicable since it is such a hoax. It would be like buying a ’71 Hemi Cuda and finding out the kit was actually a ’74 with a lousy 360. As far as buying this as a model to build, it is among the worst I’ve ever purchased… and certainly for $56. It is a rubbish model with the taint of being misrepresented. I’ve seen a couple modelers build this car with the wrong rear lights; purchased a decal set; and tons of detail – just for a car that doesn’t match. I’d rather have saved all that mess and bought a proper model for half the price.

2.5 – Disastrous

5 Comments on “’69 AMC SC / Rambler

  1. if you don’t like building models , you should invest in die cast .


    • I was going to delete this but I decided I’d rather reply since you’re my first negative comment in 10,000 views. I have been building for decades and REALLY enjoy a good model car. The article you are commenting on is about purchasing a VERY expensive model and finding out it was a cheap fraud. I then informed everyone else of the expensive sham so they don’t get “taken” either. I’m not sure how that remotely means I “don’t like building models”. Thanks for stopping by.


  2. Yes, it’s basically a ’66 Rambler American with flashy decals and a hood scoop. And the rear lights and lack of side markers isn’t the only thing that makes this NOT a ’69 Rambler either. The front grill is wrong too. The ’67-’69 has a straight chrome strip below the headlights the whole with of the grill, while the 66 has a “knick” in the chrome strip by the headlights’ inner corners, similar to the strip on top of the grill/hood edge.

    Pictures for reference:
    ’66 American:

    ’69 SC Rambler:

    Jo-Han also didn’t bother to update the rear seat/interior tub, and insted used the one from the convertible. I believe this is the case for all Jo-Han ’64 on Rambler Americans, because they released the convertible first, I guess.

    But hey, at least they remembered to include the hood scoop. LOL (Although I think the angle of the scoop is slightly more aggressive on the model than on the real car. But not 100% certain.)


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