This is a review of the Monogram 1965 Chevy Corvette Kit# 2925

Corvette kits are always fun to me because you typically are working with a car that in real-life is super expensive – even thrashed and garbage. I also have to admit that the Corvette kits are typically good as well. There are a few that are awful and you have to be careful not to buy a “snap” kit or a 1/8 scale kit (which are plentiful) unless you specifically want one. This car is in place of the ’63 split window that NOBODY makes a good model of. I am currently attempting to make the AMT ’63 split window (“Widowmaker” comes to mind because of the horrifying kit quality), but this one was made in lieu of it either way.

Now, the above kits are all of the same goodness except for the two black ones… being black. They are a horrifying bright black and every single piece is coated in it. You can definitely run into issues with bad chrome as well, but the black pieces are just terrible to cover. If you want black-on-black-on-black-on-EVERYTHING black, they are good, otherwise you want the red ones. I don’t remember what molding the two reds came in (white or red), but either color is easier to prime for painting. I believe mine was red and I was going for red anyways, so, yeah there’s that.

CAR BACKGROUND :: I really love these posters from the muscle car era! Anyways, this is the successor to one of the most expensive, coveted, and beautiful Vettes made – the ’63 split window Stingray. This car is still every bit as special and, unlike the ’63, has a fun big-block inside. Not quite the king of rock n’ roll, the 396ci worked like magic in the Vette. At 425hp, this tiny car was a rocket – running the ¼mile at over 104mph. This bad-boy theoretically had the same horsepower as the rompin’ hemi, but way better aerodynamics and less weight. My guess is that with better tires, the ’65 would run as fast as any hemi made. I actually like the hood of the ’65 more than the ’63 as well. The hood bulge is also fantastic and less “classic” looking.

This is a personal favorite. The Tamiya Bright Red is absolutely stunning and as glossy as can be. I actually used Camaro rims off another kit because i like the ’65 rallye rims vs. the wire wheels (with knockoffs) that came with the kit. I really wish I had whitewalls to put on this one, but regular tires it is. I really dislike the crisscrossed wipers and HATE them on this car because the wipers are glue-on and thicker than most other model kits that have them molded into the body’s plastic (which the AMT ’63 has).

LOVE the older Corvette interiors and this one is no different. I decided to go red on red and I think it looks perfect. This interior had a truck-load of chrome to do; a glove-box that is round and bi-colored; and a speedo cluster that is just great to look at. I also like the seat detail and there is probably more chrome strips and other chrome work that can be done past what I did as well. All good, nothing missing.

So, yes… not a 427 tri-carb. I get it. This IS a rather good motor with a ton of horsepower just the same. The engine is correct orange-red, has a nice radiator, and has chrome all over. I dislike Corvette engine bays as they have a hidden battery and to me it just makes the bay look naked. The bay does have everything you need though and even though it is smaller than most muscle cars of the day, it is very displayable. Honestly… you could, however, put the biggest 1/24 scale engine in this bay it is so cavernous.

The bottom of this car is good but typical Corvette oddity. The exhaust rounds over the gas tank and ends through the rear panel. The remainder is small everything – small exhaust, small rear end, and small driveshaft. There is also nothing evil underneath and the exhaust fits to the engine easily.

The final say is that this model kit is really good. There is a load of detail and the build quality makes the AMT seem a tinker toy. The Monogram cars are becoming more and more rare and are a great investment. There are a whole bunch of the ’63s to go round, but I still think that it is a waste of time and money (even if I did say earlier that I am trying to fabricate a car out of one). These are definitively a good build though and you should get one while you can.

8.75 – Very Good

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