This is a review of the Revell 1968 Chevy Corvette Kit# 2544

This is the one. The one I saved. The ONLY one I saved from the last time I sold my lot so I could start over. The reason?? It came out just perfect. I think that maybe someday I’ll give it another try, but I would surely have to break this one first. I can say the build quality of this kit made it very easy to build it right, but I think it gorgeous just the same.

These are the typical other models that you can get and aside from the one on the left being molded in red, they have most of the same pieces. I think these are utterly, and hopelessly STUPID 2 ‘n 1 vehicles. I admit, however, the one with the blower gives a good argument for it. But I believe this car is more for aggressive style, than blower-soaked dragster.

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CAR BACKGROUND :: I get a kick out of the advert to the left not mentioning anything about the previous model. The exceptional ’67 is one of the most stunning Corvettes produced – even to this day. I own a ’98 C5 and I can say with certainty that the ’67 is still (maybe by just a small amount) a more breathtaking looking vehicle. Ok, so what about the ’68? Well, I don’t think it has anything to be concerned with. I have always been in love with this car’s looks. It has a voluptuous curve all the way back to that sleek trunk-lid and it then falls off a cliff to one of the best rear fascias to grace Corvette-dom. Adding to the fantastic lines is a hood that covers the same L88 427ci that was in the last Vette. With 430 underrated horsepower, this thing rockets through the ¼mile in the low 13s at almost 110mph. We are talking “top 10” fastest of the early muscle cars! And it does so with the beauty to match.

This car was painted with Testors Bright Red and several coats of clear. I typically do not use clear coat because I do not have a paint booth and keeping fuzz and lint off for 2-3 more coats is just a nightmare. I then decided to use the stock rallye rims and the tires from the kit. Didn’t need to add a thing to this kit. It’s that good.

So, obviously a good interior needs to look even better when it comes to convertible cars because they are always on display. I generally hate them, but not because of that, but because the dust collects in them ten times faster. I really did like this interior, however, and can’t say enough for the detail. I could have taken a bit more time on it, but I was so stoked about the body being really good, I didn’t go the distance on the interior. Who cares, right?

So here she is – the L88. A 430 horsepower rating is laughable to anyone who knows Corvettes. This one looks the part, but I admit, I wished the wires were better on it. This was one of the first ones I made and I think it could be tidier. The remainder of the bay is quality stuff though. Like the ’65, I do miss the battery, but there is a lot of other decor to go ’round.

Undercarriage is also a good place to be. The exhaust is still the same annoying over-top type that most early Vettes had, but they look good when you get ’em where they need to be. There are straps, suspension parts, and axle pieces that could be chromed (or further detailed), but really, the bottom is hardly ever viewed and it looks clean anyways.

I adore this build. I adore the car. I seriously adore every bit of it. It is not the best model ever made, but it is one of my best. The end result DOES have a lot to do with the quality of this kit. There are no missing pieces and enough detail so you don’t have to add anything. The fit, save for the goofy chrome exhaust cut-outs, is epic. Moreover, you’d be hard pressed to find a kit this good, for this money. These kits are crazy inexpensive and all over the internet (try just over $20!). Get out and get one – ASAP.

10 – Astonishing

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