This X-Ray is for a popular kit by Revell – the 1969 Ford Mustang Shelby GT-500 Motor City Muscle edition.

This kit has all of the creamy goodness as the other GT-500 kits Revell offered, but it also has a set of aftermarket wheels/tires that are not only nice, but not over-done. It comes with the 428 Cobra Jet (no options) with an optional high-rise dual intake. One stock hood, 1 set of regular tires (no slicks), high-detail interior (with roll-bar), and a decal set that includes 3 different stripe sets (black,gold,and white). Good: Exellent fitting kit; cheap cost; this version molded in white. Bad: Lots of extra detail needed to make right; not many speed options.

Price: ~$20

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