This is a review of the AMT ’67 Chevelle Revell Kit#4285

Back when I was around 13, I made this car for the first time. It was dark blue and came out superbly… for an early attempt. It was the dark blue AMT below and it is a favorite of mine to this day. Wished I had a pic of it, but – oh well. I had to do this car, but instead of a homage, I wanted something like night and day. This build is also a combo of this kit and I believe the #2 kit below. That kit was horribly molded in blue and the turquoise didn’t come out good enough for me. I kept the engine and chassis and took a new body from the Streetburner kit.

Yup, THAT many… and I’m not even sure these are all of em. I cannot understand – for the life of me – WHY this particular Chevelle was made into over SEVEN pro street editions?!? This was a pretty stout performer JUST BY ITSELF, so I am confused on the need. It wasn’t a popular drag car back in the day… wasn’t even THE best body style. I don’t get it. That said, you have a good number to choose from. The top row are the stock versions (though the “Streetburner” ones are usually stock or race) and the others are drag cars with no way of building stock.

BIG note:: the Pro Street bodies are NOT inter-changeable with the stock ones – say if you need a replacement. They do not have the inner fender wells and are slightly different proportions.

CAR BACKGROUND :: As I’ve said before, this isn’t the best Chevelle by any stretch. It is handsome, sleek, and is pretty muscular with the right options, but still probably number three or four in my book. Like I said above, too, this was a heck of a performer in its own right. The 396ci that you could get had a massive 375hp and would get this car movin’ into the 14s through the quarter. I saw a car show vehicle with a non-stock 427ci in it and would wonder what a YENKO of this one would do. Beyond numbers, the car is a solid looker and is demanding stout prices nowadays. CANT argue with Chevy style!

AMT 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS396 kit
1967 Chevelle side view - white

Night and day – I decided against the original dark blue and the turquoise I had done recently (with a fail) and switched to White. This happens to be Wimbledon White, but looks close enough to original for me (see pic right). I stuck with the rallye wheels and I believe I used the actual tires from the kit. This kit included a couple different color pin-stripes, but I went with black. Besides some extra trimming of the hood, this is a solid-build kit.

I didn’t get a good shot of the interior. I think from here on out, I will be photographing any of the cars interiors before completion. I cannot seem to get anything grandiose otherwise. The Revell kits all have decent interiors – whether for drag or stock – and are detailed, and well appointed.

AMT 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS396 kit

The underside of this kit is excellent. There is a truck-load of detail – with the tank, axle and floorpan and the exhaust looks real-life. I like the AMT version’s side-exit exhaust better, but these still look good and this kit is a good bit better than the AMT. The axles are easy to work with and the exhaust mates well with the engine. Solid “A” here.


AMT 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS396 kit

One of the best Chevrolet engine bays out there, the 396 really shines up. I think I’d like the wires to be another color and, as this was an early job, would like the wires to be a bit more even/uniform. Really like the bay though. There is a TON to further detail than what I did and it has everything you need. Really, the only complaint is that the engine looks a little small. 396 cubes ain’t enough apparently!


AMT 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle SS396 kit

This is truly a good kit. The lines are fantastic; the flash is low; the number of pieces are good; and the fit/finish is REALLY good. The toughest part of the build is the chrome on the rear lights, but I’ve dealt with MUCH worse! The Revell non-pro-stock kits are becoming more and more scarce, so you should get em while they are still cheap. They are also still reasonable in cost, so build while you can as well!

9.25 Excellent

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