This X-Ray is for a Ferrari Enzo by Revell. This kit includes:

1 set of tires and rims; 650hp V-12; large decal sheet; mesh sheet. Good: Fantastic reproduction of the Enzo; Lots of parts; awesome engine detail; one of the cheapest Ferrari kits out there. Bad: Body and rear hatch are 50/50 to match up; lots of black trim.

EXTRA:: I will eventually be doing a review of this kit, but I HAD to mention the pricing of this kit. The Ferrari Enzo IS one of the coolest, fastest Ferraris ever produced, and, for some reason, is one of the cheapest kits out there. If you need a “starter” kit, this is the one – as pricing for these is at an all-time low. NINE BUCKS is a typical price. Nine dollars for a half-million dollar, 217mph, performance icon.

Price: $9+

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