The son of an aeronautical engineer, Steve has been perfecting his trade of building for decades, and there is a lot of attention to detail and heart in his work. I’m not a “body-man” myself (and not just in the waistline) and I can say HE is. The pic of his Viper-Jag called Fang is one of the better melding jobs I’ve seen.

He wasn’t just good on the hobby table either, He fabricated this Avenger GT-12 – GT40 lookalike – from scratch and made a fun driver for himself. The Green Bean, which honestly doesn’t give enough kudos for such a nice build, was something ANYONE should be proud of, and was a fun time for him. After 4 years, he parted ways with it, as trying to move and keep it was too much of a hardship at the time. I’d like to find ONE person who doesn’t regret having to ditch a car!

After many years, and some skill honing, Steve was able to re-fabricate the bean in most of its glory – this time in 1/25 scale. Again, it took some supreme work to get her looking a 10th as the real McCoy did. An amazing amount of effort and work went into making his car and I have to give it to Steve for his passion, ingenuity, and life-long hobby. Thanks to him for his story, and for his work. –KEV

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