This is a review of the Revell ’67 Corvette Roadster #85-2968

This is one of those kits that I never saw and/or wanted to build til I was older. Funny how it is VERY prevalent and inexpensive, but somehow I never really got around to building it until my last full set of builds (which I sold 2 years+ ago). It is a shame too as this is a rather good kit with only a few problem areas. It is a fantastic looking car, so it IS worth the work.

Like I said… prevalent. The ’67 is most likely the most coveted, so not surprising there are many iterations of the convertible (roadster for the distinguished of us). The two AMTs above are as rare as an un-grilled steak and are more expensive than 10 of the normal Revell ones. I’d LOVE to see one up close, but I’m guessing that may never happen. The other kits are fairly similar to each other. The red Monogram/Revell ones can be molded in red or white, so you need to look closely when deciding. The newer convertible (top-left) has a few extra pieces – including an aftermarket hood – and is common in stores. And I cannot fail to mention the Austin Powers kit… Wow… that was needed? I can say the kit IS build-able stock save for the 427 stripes… they’ve been replaced with A.P. movie stars/stripes. At least you have a Felicity figure to stand next to it!

These kits are the optional hardtop coupe that is typically adored further than the roadster and are much rarer. They are gaining in price and can run you over $50 currently, so they are also starting to get pricey. They are all good builds (tho I’ve not seen the ULTRA rare MPC… it could be garbage) and are just as powerful to look at as the roadster.

CAR BACKGROUND :: Got to love older ads. A car sooo cool it can run with chicks on horses! I don’t get it. Anyways, this was THE car of cars in 1967. More than a muscle car, the ’67 Corvette was the top echelon of Corvettes – and stayed there until just recently. It exuded sports-car thrill, had one of the strongest V8s on the planet and looked as if Zeus designed it himself. And, yeah, it was lightning fast as well. The 435hp version would easily hit low 13s in the quarter at almost 110 mph. This was one of a select few that could see a hemi in the rear-view and would scare all but the stock-car drivers into submission. This roadster version would be 90% as fast and you’d get to hear that rumble first hand with the top down – something the coupe owner could only dream of. Such a brilliant car.

You’d be hard-pressed to find one in a color like this. I have made a ’63 and ’65 bone stock, so I decided to go with a mild custom color to do the ’67. The Tamiya Brilliant Orange, to me, just looks amazing. I wanted something completely different and I think I succeeded. The kit is fantastic, however, and there is nothing else needed to get this look – save for the whitewalls (mine kit didn’t come with em).

To me, the Corvette engine bay is a two-part love and hate relationship. Well… not hate, but dislike anyways. The 427 looks like a monster inside the small opening. It is a handsome engine and the tri-cover really sets it off. The fan shroud – even in the worst kits – looks massive and detailed and the brake boost is a decent size. The dislike part comes in with the hidden battery and washer bottle, cutouts in the fender arches, and the hood – which can be a fitting nightmare. This one worked fairly well, but there was still some bending needed to make it right.

The interior is a nice place to be in this kit. Because of the openness of the seating, there is a lot you can detail and see regularly. The doors are nice, the dash is 100% correct, and the whole thing is just a good look. There are drawbacks to this, however. The windshield has a small area to be glued into the frame and then the frame must be glued to the car. Both harrowing experiences, I suggest using model masking tape to hold the pieces together for pin-point gluing. I’d also suggest you pre-fit the glass to see if any manipulation is necessary to get the pieces together. Not done yet. The small triangular window vents need the glass glued inside them and then glued to the windshield frame you just had a heart attack over! This whole set of events could easily ruin the build and makes this a far tougher kit than the rest would suggest. When right, it is handsome, but it is a killer when wrong!


I just love it. Traditionally, I’d be the one to scoff at the color, but I’ve liked this shape for a long time and wanted it in orange. This kit is NOT really for the novice especially with all the glass issues, but the kit is otherwise a nice build. There is little flash, lots of parts, a good decal sheet (with 3 stripes), and a great overall fit. These are still relatively cheap as well since they were just reissued multiple times. Not a BIG investment yet, however, I’d look to the coupe version for that. I’d build em both!

8.5 Very Good

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