This X-Ray is for a (1990) Chevy C1500 454SS truck by AMT. This kit includes:

1 sets of tires and rims; modern 454 V8 engine; small decal sheet.

Good: Dang cool looking truck, SUPER rare; good number of pieces; single piece body.

Bad: Even with a 454, not very powerful; WAY too much black; ZERO custom pieces.

Price: $45+

2 Comments on “X-RAY: 1989 Chevrolet C1500 454SS 1/25, AMT

  1. I’m an old timer been at the kit hobby before AMT and SMP ever came out with their great old 1958 annual kits started in 1955-1956 with the old AMT/Revell 1/32 kits been at it now for66 years 😩 but a great hobby all trough the years. Seen many new kits you can bet. The reason I’m on here now is to say that Kev does one exceptionally great job with his X-Rays on the kits that he does actually builds I think this is a great service for all in the hobby from the young beginners to an old coot like myself. Keep up your great reviews Kev. Your friend Gary J


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