Comparison :: 1940’s HOT ROD CLUB

Three popular coupes… done my way!

I am NOT a fan of early model cars. Anything before 1955-ish would typically be something that I wouldn’t give a second look to. It is just me, but I’ve only recently gotten the care for these types of vehicles. With that, I’ve built a few of these oldies as something different to look at and I’ve loved them.

1940 Willy's, 1940 Ford, 1941 Plymouth

Three different views of the same type of fun. They are old, heavy cruisers and have been given new parts to augment their style and speed.

Overall, I think a stripe or two might have looked good on one of these, but I just didn’t have anything I wanted to use so they are all straight colors. The Ford is Tamiya Purple and the Plymouth is Tamiya Bright Red. The Willy’s is a mix of three sprays… and I cannot remember which ones. I think black/color change, Mica Blue and another, but oh well… it’s blue.

Willy’s cars are well known as drag champions. The Swindler & Stone Woods & Cook vehicles were some of the faster cars to run the 1320ft lane. This one is a Swindler minus the decals and with that would most likely run the quarter right at 11 seconds without a hitch. The other two would just be shifting into second while the Willy’s finished. Laughable.

1940 Ford with 428CJ engine, 1941 Willy's with supercharged V8, 1941 Plymouth Coupe with 340ci.

Ford’s kit comes with a very low-key V8 and is not very exciting. This 428 cobra jet from a Cougar and open cleaner from a Cobra make for more of a statement… and of horsepower. The stock engine was 335hp, but I figure with a cam and such, it’d be closer to 400. I think it looks far more imposing than what the kit came with. The exhaust has been changed to dual pipes with a Corvette quad set of tips at the end.

The Plymouth is probably the least modded of the three and runs a regular 340ci V8 (possibly a 318, but not the ’41 engine). it is running different wheels and rims and has a Challenger T/A exhaust system (with megaphone tips), but otherwise would be fairly stock. I was going to try and shoe-horn in a Hemi, but too much been-there-done-that to bother. The 340 looks nice anyways.

This interiors were all just a shade different than normal production, but nothing outlandish. I didn’t use any roll bars in the Willy’s – which would have been a no-no on the track; the Ford was done in a light purple to somewhat match, and the Plymouth’s was done in a basic red with chrome accents. These all have decent interiors and could be further customizable if desired.

Really, I’m always more interested in outward appearances than the view behind the wheel.

1940 Ford Coupe
1941 Willy's Swindler / Stone Woods & Cook
1941 Plymouth Coupe

The Revell kit is definitely better than the 2 AMTs, but not in an other-worldly amount. The AMTs are also cheaper than the wiley Willy’s and every bit as fun to work with. The Ford and Plymouth have been recently reissued as well, so not overly expensive OR a quality investment. That is great news to the builders as they are 2 really cool looking coupes. The Willy’s is a great kit, so I cannot say it isn’t worth the extra to get it.

If you like these types of rods, get em all… they were a blast!

8.75 – 9.0 Very Good+

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