I met Mike a couple months back and to say the least he is a born again modeler. With just a handful of personal vehicles from family experiences, he is now working pretty hard to get some nice stuff done.

Dukes of Hazzard diorama

Anyone who is a fan of older cars will instantly know what they are looking at in the above pic. The Dukes of Hazzard was a fun, mid-70’s muscle fest set in a fake southern town with all of the colloquialisms you could possibly find. Two hot-rodding young men set to outrunning the local police, solving mysteries, annoying their Uncle, and finding ways to demolish every 1969 Charger they could get their hands on.

1969 Charger from The Dukes of Hazzard

The set above includes the Dukes Charger MPC kit – which is LOUSY, but Mike’s got it lookin’ really good. I did the same kit and can say I’d almost rather get the extras from this one and add it to a Revell kit to make the car… the MPC is just lousy. The kit also comes with a Hemi motor which would NOT be used in the show at any point, so keeping the hood down is probably for the best unless you change out to a 383 or 318 – like the show used.

The next vehicle wasn’t used nearly as much – and neither was her other vehicle for that matter. Daisy’s jeep was a cool addition to the show – what with all the dirt thrown around and it was always a hoot to watch her scurry around the police and their inability to drive in a straight line.

Yeah, this is Daisy’s other beast that she drove around – a ’74 Satellite (Roadrunner). The Roadrunner was just a decal set by the time her car came around and it was powered by a lethargic engine as well. This kit comes with a small block that is basically a 360/340 look and would likely be a 318 in the show for cost savings. The yellow looks good here and the stripes – which I find to be horrible to get just right – look really good. I’ll be remaking my ’74 soon and will hope it turns out this good!

Last and not least (in my book) is a car that screams 1970s-80s cop shows. Now don’t get ahead of yourself, this is NOT the Roscoe car from MPC. This is the 78 Monaco that comes in TJ Hooker, Joker Goon Car, and the latest reissued police car. Why? Well, the real Roscoe car is FAR more pricey. In my opinion, this later model Fury/Monaco is the better looking car. I owned one, made one HERE, and REALLY want to buy another one. That said, this car WAS in the show at one point or another and makes for a hell of a good display.

Mike’s rendition of the Boar’s Nest is hysterical and super cool as well. There is a lot of memory to go with the overall look and he’s got one heck of a display – getting these all to look just about right. Full length display, dirt looking ground (though I might have gone with real dirt), and decent scale size make it all pretty dang sweet.

Thanks to Mike for the cool pics. Keep on building!

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