Early Monogram Chevy Blazer parts picture

This X-Ray is for a rare Chevy Blazer kit by Monogram. This kit includes:

1 set of 4×4 tires and rims; V8 engine; lots of chrome; decal sheet.

Good: Awesome rare truck used in many TV shows and movies; square-body trucks are getting very popular and pricey IRL; nice molded color.

Bad: Molded color makes it difficult for painting; tires a bit on the fake looking side; decals are ugly and only work with certain colors/no stock decals; pricey IRL means pricier here too.

Price: $65+

2 Comments on “X-RAY: Chevy Blazer 1/24, Monogram

  1. Want this too. Is it still for sale? I am also searching for Suburban Square bodies trucks


    • Thanks for asking! I have a link to eBay on this website that goes to my current cars for sale and sometimes they relate to the posts. This one and the other Blazer you mentioned are sold, sorry. Check the eBay link to view any trucks/SUVs I have for sale. Cheers!


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