So, 2021 was a very fun year as far as model car building and model sales were concerned, and even though the Covid numbers seem to be trending in the wrong direction, 2022 is already starting out with kindness and a bit of hope. How do I mean?…

You see, this nice man named Frank contacted me through my website and informed me he had some three dozen 1960s model cars to “donate” to a good home. I was floored. I am about to purchase another big lot (around 400 cars for a really charitable price), but this guy – a complete stranger – was giving these cars away. The above pic is just a sample of the cars he’s given (and ones that will be on eBay before too long) and quite frankly I couldn’t be more shocked and blessed.

Not every day someone drops $1000 in your lap.

My point to all of this besides that of a braggart? Well, there are a lot of unsavory things happening in America as a result of the past few years and I find little things like today’s gift are reminders of the goodness still out there from people like Frank.

In closing, I wanted to say Happy New Year to everyone and would ask that people remember to be as kind as they can – for tomorrow may never come for you to do a caring act – one that someone else will always remember.

Thanks Frank!


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