I met Jonah… well, no I didn’t. LOL. I met Jared when he contacted me about selling his dearly departed father’s collection of model cars. A nice fellow from just north of me, he and I had a cordial visit and a very nice exchange. I’ve come to find him a nice person and wished we were actual friends, but distance sucks… I’ve learned.

That said, he had one story I wished to share.

You see, Jared’s dad, Ray Gardner, was an avid modeler and over the years built some beautiful masterpieces. His passion missed Jared to a degree but hit his grandson square in the face. Jonah has since built a bunch of his grandpa’s collection and from what I’ve seen, has become quite good in a short period of time.

To the left is a pic of the happy builder and his 1965 Impala that I believe

2009 Corvette ZR1 in red.

is one of his earlier attempts. The darker purple looks pretty good on the old Chevy! The 09 ZR1 to the left is a FANTASTIC kit that I’ve been putting off myself. Still looking for the right color and such. He’s got a good one going with the Red. The Hood hue matches the rest of the car and the glass has been carefully cared for. One of my favorite real-life cars, I hope to someday own/drive one. For now, my base C6 will have to do.

1965? Ford Mustang Fastback (GT-350
Harley Davidson set by Revell

Jonah has also done a nice white version of a gen-1 Mustang fastback. With the color-correct 289, the white with blue “GT-350” motif is eye-catching. To the right is the Ford F-150 Harley Davidson set made by Revell that he did a splendid job with. I’ve sold 3 or 4 of these kits but this is the first I’ve seen built. The flareside, trailer, and bike make for a cool overall display. They are getting pricey, but for the scope of part amount, it can be totally worth it.

I was glad to have learned about the Gardner line of car builders and hope to eventually meet Jonah. If he’s 1/2 as cool as his dad is, and his grandpa sounded, he’s gotta be cool too.



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