So, I met Greg whilst doing business on eBay and after some chatting, I decided to do a submission for his work.

#18 Interstate Batteries model by AMT

Now, he has purchased a Camaro SS from me but the car I am displaying here is an Interstate Batteries NASCAR kit. I am now, and will always not be a fan of both NASCAR and their model kits. I find them poor (usually AMT) quality and I dislike the race cars themselves. That said, this is a heck of a nice build. The model to the left is the AMT kit and is a very prevelant model. It is CHEAP ($9- $11) and also not a very good investment as there were too many sold.

REAL #18 Interstate NASCAR

The pic above was taken of the real McCoy and is the #18 Monte Carlo owned driven by Bobby Labonte. The green and black look is great and makes the car “pop”.

Greg Hopkins' NASCAR #18 Interstate Batteries kit

The car above is the model made by Greg and it is a super-accurate facsimile. He obtained the super-glow green paint, and after multiple attempts, got it just right, That, some excellent interior detail (that I’d have skipped totally), and great decal work later, and you get one heck of a looker. Super cool of him to share and I’m glad to have met another fellow modeler.


Greg Hopkins' NASCAR #18 Interstate Batteries kit

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