This is a review of the Revell 1967 Dodge Charger Hemi – kit #7669

Revell 1967 Dodge Charger box top

This Charger kit is one of a group of Revell mopar kits that are a must have. The kit is well made, well accessorized, and decently decaled. The car’s 2-in-1 is about average, but the stock form is about as good as it gets.

The differences in the kits above are minimal. #1 is basically a dupe with slightly better decals. The FOOSE model has most of the stock parts but includes a slew of fancy aftermarket pieces. It also includes a big FOOSE decal sheet with a few of the stock emblems/decals.

The above 2 kits are from MPC (AMT) and I have never purchased either. The Revell kit is such a gold standard, that I never thought to give these a try. What is for certain: MPC kits are lesser in chrome pieces, fit and finish, and overall substance. Buyer beware.

CAR BACKGROUND :: The Charger first arrived in 1966 and sold really well. The sleek fastback and wide range of engines made this a great option vs. Chevy and Ford. Engines ranged from a lowly 318 all the way up to the behemoth 426 hemi – though only a VERY few 67s wore the hemi badge. The 425hp would scoot this rather large muscle car through the ¼mile in under 14 seconds at over 102mph. I really like the full-width front and rear valances and, in fact, this could be my favorite Charger of the namesake.

BUILD NOTES : Like I said earlier, this Revell kit is fantastic. The rear light chrome piece should be scraped on the back side before fitting as it will come loose over time. The grille+bumper piece can be difficult to fit as it is heafty, but it always looks good. The interior is one of the better you’ll find by any manufacturer.

The “street” setup has quite a few pieces to water the palate. There are larger headers, a oversized hood scoop (straight from the drag-strip), and slicks. It is not really a racer the way it is setup as the interior looks more fashionable than drag-worthy.

1967 Dodge Charger kit by Revell

First – under the hood. The 426 hemi is secured in a very detailed engine bay. The big V8 sits nicely around a detailed radiator, firewall, battery, and has a nice master cylinder. This hemi is black wired – through the valve covers – and includes a ignition coil. Add a open air cleaner and the car is ready to rock!

1967 Dodge Charger kit by Revell

The first time I made this Charger, I designed it after one my brother’s friend used to own. It was bright yellow with a red velour interior. Completely unoriginal, the car was absolutely beautiful and sounded crazy good. It was powered by a custom, $10k 440 with all the aftermarket trimmings. I decided for this re-do I would do something very different. Medium copper was what I was going for and Testors Gloss Copper seemed to work like a charm. I decided to not use the stock magnum wheels and instead used some Dodge rims off another kit. It also sports slicks in the back vs the standard ones, but they are removable for standard tires if I want to switch. Toughest part of this model is the long trim along the side of the car – it is thin and a focal point

1967 Dodge Charger kit by Revell

As I said earlier, the interior of this model is HIGHLY detailed. I love working with this one and would die to own a real one. It is a low-gloss red with tons of aluminum trim. The glass is a bit tricky with the side vents – as gluing them can lead to a mess if not careful. I usually use a really small piece of scotch tape to hold them while gluing.

1967 Dodge Charger kit by Revell

The bottom of this wonderful kit is also very nice. There is a really sweet exhaust that has one of the best tips you’ll find. They are hollow and turned down like the stock car would have. I painted the shocks a blue/silver combo.

I really liked the detail in the body of the car as well. There are 426 hemi emblems, but there are also chrome door handles, taillight lettering to paint, a chrome gas cap insert, chrome wipers, and chrome strips along the wheelbase. It becomes a bit of work to do stock, but it is worth it as the car shines out pretty well.

1967 Dodge Charger kit by Revell

This IS a must-have kit. Even if you are not a fan of this Charger, the kit is superb and the car looks sensational when your done. I truly cannot vouch for the MPC kits, but this one is perfect every time!

1967 Dodge Charger kit by Revell

9.5 – Excellent

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