This is a review of the 1967 Plymouth (Belvedere) GTX by Revell – kit#85-2386

I can say with utter certainty that I’ve made this car as many times as any other in the past couple of years. I love working this kit and for whatever reason, it is always cheap when I want to get another one. This is also a really good Revell kit with only a few unimportant shortcomings.

This car has been reissued many times recently and they are all really decent kits. The above right kit is molded in a very bold blue plastic and I cannot say it is a good one for glossing. The rest are white molded and are the same for the most part – save the decals. These are very different with race vs sport vs stock and you need to be choosey for what you want. I stick to stock usually, so it makes no diff to me.

1967 Plymouth Belvedere GTX advertisement

CAR BACKGROUND :: The Belvedere had entered its second year and besides a grille freshening, was the same sleek car of the year prior. Reasonable news for the gents who wanted a sophisticated muscle car – and one that carried a big stick. In either the 440 or 426ci V8 engines, the Belvedere could change clothes in the nearest garage, and blast away with tires blazing. With mid-13 second quarter times, this was one of the quickest non-track cars you could buy. It was a track car as well as many racers used its svelte look and awesome engine array to produce some blindingly fast E.T. times at the strip. Sox & Martin were drunk with wins and crazy drag times, and Richard Petty lit up the racing scene in an amazing year. Even so, this was a great everyday car and is easily a favorite of mine.

1967 Plymouth Belvedere GTX

Like I mentioned earlier, I’ve made this kit many times and I can honestly say, that the Testors Light Blue (close to a Petty Blue IMHO) looks the best. I don’t have a clue why, but I’ve taken a shine to this look. I decided to use the sportier rims that are included with the kit instead of the typical Kragers, but otherwise this is right out of the box – NOTHING added.

1967 Plymouth Belvedere GTX

A wired, stock hemi brings a smile to my face like no other engine. Not that there aren’t bigger or more powerful engines out there, I just love the hemi look. Thankfully, Revell has the hemi engine bay down to a science. Nice, detailed battery, decent radiator wall, and tons of detail on the firewall, this is a really good engine bay. This is one kit I eventually would like to do a drag version of – dual high-rise carbs and all, but for now, the stock sleeper car will have to do. Amazing that a 425hp V8 is not enough for drag-heads LOL

This interior, like that of the 1967 Revell Charger kit, has an exceptional interior – with much to chrome, color, and detail. It looks even more ridiculous-good when the interior isn’t black. With my feeble photo skills and the black interior, I stayed away from photos, but suffice to say, this is a VERY lovable interior and one that you could display without the car!

1967 Plymouth Belvedere GTX

One of the better undersides in the model kingdom, you’ll want for nothing. The exhaust is hearty and fits right everytime. The hemi engine is bright and looks intimidating, and there is quite a bit of ridge detail here. Even the exhaust tips are primo and I’ve kept the ends off of trashed kits because they are excellent mopar tips. I used the blacked out mufflers for a different effect, but otherwise – it just looks good.

1967 Plymouth Belvedere GTX

I love this kit. I really like this car. I can say that it is an easy builder and one that has very few issues to annoy. The hood ornament is a TINY problem waiting to happen, the rear bumper can be tricky to get into place without ruining the quarter panel paint, and the front two-piece grill/body filler is just irritating to have to fool with, but these are certainly not deal breakers and you just cannot go wrong with this kit. It is also one of the cheaper hemi mopars to purchase, so getting one is as easy as building one. You should do both.

9.25 – Excellent

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