This is a review of the Revell 1969 Shelby GT-500 Kit#2158

This is a bit of a pain in the a$$ – fantastic kit.. and it really is just because it is a special car. I just saw a $229,000, burgundy colored ’69 at a local custom car show and I can tell you it was astounding. It was also not worth half that amount of money (or more), but who’s counting? What it is… is a must have PITA.

I have worked on the two above as well and I can tell you two things. One – the convertible is just not as nice of a final product as the coupe, and two – the other kit is molded in one of the WORST yellows you’ll find in the model kingdom. It is all over everything and makes for some terrible re-coating to cover. All of the kits include the same pieces (save for the conv. items) and have very little in the way of “street” add-ons. The good thing is that I didn’t have to add a blessed thing to the whole kit.

CAR BACKGROUND :: Carroll Shelby sure made some waves in the automobile world that will stretch on decades after we are gone, but the ’69/’70 GT-500s would be an ending of a muscle car streak of badasses that started in the early 60’s. The name wouldn’t return until some 30+ years later. That did not mean that this car was devoid of performance. The GT-500 came with one of Ford’s best engines – the legendary 428 Cobra Jet. It was amazing to look at, had an amazing sound, and gave amazing performance. With the 4-speed, this horse would dip into the high 13s through the ¼mile and had the torque (some 440lb-ft) to turn tires to jelly. Now, I said before that the one I saw wasn’t worth a quarter million dollars, and I stand by that. I can say whole-heartedly, however, that if I had the money in hand.. I’d fork it over without a breath.

I have to admit that the Bug Yellow I used for this Mustang is a bit too bright, but honestly, it is close to the Bright Yellow (Grabber) from 1970. I really like the way this one came together, but I can also say it is not an easy finish to a nice build. The hood has tiny vents, the rear valance is painted black, the lights have chrome dividers between the sequential lights, the decals need holes cut around the stripes so they fit round the side markers, and so on. The kit is really good though. I’ve built this one a couple of times and haven’t had any issues besides my own shortcomings.

I didn’t get a great image of this interior and the black further does it no justice. There is a mass amount of detail all over the inside and little is needed to finish her off. I think I added a directional stalk, but everything else is there.

The underside of this one is good too. I’ve always hated the Mustang exhausts in most of these kits as they wrap around the axles and are more of a pain then a help. This exhaust is especially disappointing as the dual exhaust is attached to a bar that is supposed to connect the middle exhaust. It doesn’t, however, connect to the fancy tips, just ends before the back of the car. I’ve long thought of adding an extension to make it look more realistic but getting it right between the bottom and body of the car would be difficult to say the least. It is easily my least favorite look of this car.


Like I stated earlier, the engine is a sight to see in real life, and this Revell is a fine replica of it. It has more detail than most : brake boost; full size battery (though annoyingly molded); large fan; meticulous radiator surround with hood latch; engine stiffeners… it is grand to say the least. I left the bay yellow (as if a rotisserie resto) because it brings out the look further. They only downside is the firewall as it is as bare as a shaved cat… er.. horse.

I cannot say enough about this kit except to say it is a well designed model that needs a lot of detail attention. In the end, it is an exceptional kit that needs to be gotten – in either coupe or conv. form. The good news is that these kits are not only plentiful, but rather inexpensive. You can’t get these in the store anymore, typcially, but are still available online for $25 or so. It has been a few years since issue as well, so not a half-bad investment – especially since it is a great build.

8.75 – Very Good

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