This is a review of the AMT 1962 Bel Air kit#8716

You are looking at one of the top THREE best AMT kits there are. Not possibly good… not maybe-sort-of… BEST. From start to finish, you will be amazed with the fit, finish, accessories, and upgrades. And, it is a heck of a car too.

All of the AMT ’62 kits have the same pieces and can build the same Super Stock drag car, but these are separated by the famous drag racers that piloted their certain versions. They are all molded in the typical medium-to-light grey and all run about the same coin to buy… very little.

CAR BACKGROUND :: “She’s real fine, my 409.” The definitive sleeper of the 60’s muscle car era. The bubble top Bel Air was a stripped down, light, and potent car in a straight line. Though the 409hp, 409ci Chevy only tripped the lights around the high 14sec mark in the ¼mile, it became an early 60’s legend in the drag circuit. With mid-to-high 12 second times, it was a formidable car against anything brought to the strip. It was also a gorgeous car. Long lines; graceful top; and just enough chrome to get you noticed. Bet the guy with the Chrysler 300H wished he hadn’t messed with the granny-lookin’ Chevy!

I’ve made this car around seven times, so I can say that it looks good in a lot of colors, styles, and layouts. I can also say that this is a favorite color of mine. It is Nassau Blue with a light gloss coat and it looks just CLASSIC to me. I have made this into a drag car three different times and wished I still had the orange one I made a decade ago. It had a dual high-rise intake and some beefy slicks. Loved it. I also wish it wasn’t so perfect of a drag car because I love the stock look, and don’t have room for both!

AMT does seem to do a nice job on some of the interiors of the older year kits, and this ’62 is no exception. I decided to do this one in a lime gold look and I think it looks grand with the blue exterior. It looks a bit more “gold” because of the yellow light bulb I have, but I never said I was a photographer.

409 cubic inches. 409 horsepower. 409 cars probably smoked by its owner. This is one of AMT’s top three engines as well and a personal favorite of mine. The curved valve covers, well appointed bay, and that dual-carb beast make my day every time I build one. I used the Nassau blue for the air cleaner even though it probably was black, but I just think it rocks. NOTHING needed as well.

This IS the best AMT underside you’ll ever work with. The exhaust fits well and has a ton of glue points – then ends with behind-tire drop-down pipes (I added tips); has more detail than you could shake a stick at; and never fails. Only drawback? Not a lot of room for meaty tires. Can’t have everything, I guess.

I said it before and I’ll say it again.. TOP THREE. Maybe not even just top three AMTs, but top three best car kits you’ll find! I really cannot say enough about it. Best part is that these kits are STUPID CHEAP! Beyond the 37 different drag names, there was also a recent reissue, so you can honestly get them for under $20 almost anytime. I wouldn’t put one aside for an investment, but it wouldn’t cost a lot to do so if you did.

10 – Astonishing

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