Here is my first decal set for purchase. These are replacements for the Aoshima kit Mad Max Interceptor : The Road Warrior 1/24 kit. The headlights are typically garbage on this kit, so I decided to make sure I had good replacements for them. The lights are done on clear paper as to look right on the glass and the others will be done on white. If you are interested, message me with the request. I can send ANY of these or the full set if needed.


2 Comments on “DECALS : 1973 Ford Falcon XB Mad Max Interceptor The Road Warrior 1/24 Aoshima

  1. To whom it may concern I’m looking for 2 complete sets of the Mad Max interceptor decals for 1:24/1:25 , that’s 2 complete full sets,
    Thank you Michael McKinnon


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