So, I have had a problem over the years. As someone who is disabled and has trouble doing things for long periods of time, I find it necessary to take short cuts – hence the need for the display cases. I was having to “dust” the cars every month or so and doing that to some 100 cars became a tiresome task! I decided to fix that problem…

This display case is sold by Factory Direct Display Cases (bestbuydisplays) and they are fantastically good. They hold MOST model cars and look good doing so. They open from the bottom and have a fantastic finish. I was doubly impressed with the shipping. The speed was impressive; the packing was amazing; and the ease of set-up was ultra-simplistic. I honestly don’t know how ANY company could ship any more safely. They are also sturdy as well. These bad boys weigh enough to be completely solid standing on their own, but not so heavy that you’d have to struggle. I really have to hand it to the company for producing a heck of a unit.

Now, I wouldn’t be totally un-biased if I left it at that. I have a few minor complaints with this particular case. The first is that the mirrored background can be a bit “loud” for a room. It also could be tough on people with MS or the like as it makes for strained viewing. The second is that it is bottom “loaded” and that can be difficult to use IF you do not fill the case from step one. You have to hold up the “door” and load the car because if you don’t it will bend over backwards and the door will snap off. This is tough for loading the original set of cars as well as you basically have to stand the unit against the wall at a tilted angle. If you don’t, the door is heavy enough to push the shelf over while you are loading. Lastly, I said above “fits most model cars” and that is very true – MOST. Some of the 1/24 scale exotics (Lambos, Ferraris, etc) will have trouble fitting their mirrors inside. I broke off the side mirrors to my Murcielago and Aventador. I got them to work, but they really don’t fit.

I can say, however, that I am VERY glad with my purchase. These are fantastic cases and bestbuydisplays takes great care of getting them to the customer. Their prices are slightly high, but fair – especially for the quality of the product. They also are good with concerns and questions, and have other sizes and scales to purchase as well (1:64, 1/18). I recommend these highly and would like input if you purchase them too.

Cheers! -Kev

4 Comments on “Display Cases – The Way to Go For Model Cars??

  1. Wow!
    That is a lot!
    I have a question:
    What is the best way to dust older models without damaging the paint?
    Thank you!


    • Yeah, I’ve been building for decades and sell collections all the time. I usually use a microfiber cloths to dust and use a very light dawn hot water mix to clean if they are REALLY dusty/dirty. Spray air works good, but you have to be careful of the jets knocking off parts or decals.


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