This is a review of the Revell 1/25 Ford Mustang Street Machine (Boss 429)

I love mustangs. Always have. I loved my 2006 GT and honestly there were only a couple made in its glorious history that I would run screaming from. With that, I have never made this kit before EVER. I have made numerous GT500/GT350s and a multitude of Mach/Boss 302 cars, but never the head dog 429. Now that I have… I can say I’m not that impressed… but with the car, not the kit. Huh?

The one I chose above is like the one here to the left, but I am not sure if the one here has the same fault as the one I made. The kit I did included decals but NOT the “Boss 429” decals! All that was included were the ugly black/red stripes that I’ve NEVER seen on a car. I made my own decals, but shame on Monogram for not including them. Humph. The other 4 kits are good and I believe all but the Hasegawa kit include the 429 decals. The Hasegawa kit MAY include them, but I’ve never bought/owned one, so I have no idea.

CAR BACKGROUND :: So I included the pic to the left for the Mach 1 because I’m not sure if it is a blunder by Ford or if it is correct because the Boss 429 is actually deemed a Mach 1 with an engine option. I say “blunder” because the Boss 429 IS the quickest Mustang produced in the muscle car era. I have seen everything from mid 13s in the quarter all the way down to mid 11s! The test I’ve seen – and the one I think is closest to truth – has the 375hp nightmare running 13.6 @ 104.65. That IS quicker than any Mustang NOT track ready. There have been a slew of 428 drag cars that easily run into the 11s, but they aren’t factory street legal… this one is. So, if it is an option on the Mach, than the ad is good, but if not…. oops, Ford! Beyond the hype, numbers, and exclusivity, the car is just awesome. Your hair WILL stand on end when it is fired up and don’t think for a minute that it has had exhaust treatments. If it has… your hair will fall out. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want this one on a track like Silverstone. The front is SO nose-heavy that you’ll be beaten by a mere Boss 302 almost every time. It is also a guzzler like no other. Stomping it around can produce mpg readings in the FOURS – it is quite ridiculous. BUT, it is a monster of a muscle car and a rare one at that. Shame… the god-sent ones always are.

Back to lousy car? Well, what I meant was that the car is lousy as a kit because it is 97% a Boss 302. As an example, if you made a Challenger R/T, you can then buy a Challenger T/A and the cars are VERY different – spoilers, stripes, exhaust, hood, AND engine. This one has a small decal and hood scoop.. and the decal didn’t even come with my kit! Well, part of the love for this car and kit are the bragging rights and this one has it in spades.

I went with Emerald Green for this one and as you’ve already guessed… not a stock color. Well, two parts to that. The first is I am making as many muscle car kits as possible without duplicating ONE color. The second is I LOVE me a green Mustang. So much so that I painted my ’68 GT500 green as well (review to follow soon!). This was a nice paint but does take a couple coats to gloss over like this one looks, so be prepared. The only other things not “stock” are the mag rims and exhaust.

Oh, and like the other Revell Mustang kits, this one has the windshield rear-view mirror. ANNOYING.

Here is another brilliant example of ALMOST the same as other Mustangs. To the right is the engine bay for the ’69 GT500 with the 428 cobra jet. Obviously, to the left, is the Boss 429. Only the valve covers tell the tale and honestly, I think the 428 looks just as nice. Oppositely, when you put a 426 hemi and a 440 next to each other, you can tell which one is the HEMI – no guessing or questions needed. These two, however, are just about interchangeable. Now the good side with that is the Revell engine bays are VERY good indeed. Both have everything you could need and are very detailed. I just realized I forgot the radiator hose on mine, but I assure you it IS included in the kit. I would suggest painting the bay black (for either car) if you want pure authentic, but I like mine painted.

*Self high-five! I am getting better at photography! (My skills still suck, but I’m learning). Also, like the GT500 or Boss 302, the interior is very detailed as Revell typically does. I don’t think I added anything here and am happy with the extra detail present. No better than the other Stangs, but who cares?

Well, I am happy to report that the Boss has an easy chassis to work with. It is a bit better than other Mustangs as the terrible wrap-around mufflers have been replaced by a regular single-bend exhaust. The ends are from a ’67 Revell Charger, and as I’ve touted before, are AWESOME for this scale.

All complaints aside, the kit is really good, has a LOT of custom pieces to use, has almost ZERO flash, and is a fantastic display when done. These ARE getting pricey since the reissue was a while ago and they’ll only go up from here. I unfortunately cannot say this is a better build than the ‘69 GT500, or Boss 302 and the 429 is certainly more expensive. What I can say is that it HAD to be on my shelf… where else for the fastest Stang?

8.5 – Very Good

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