This is a review of the ’70 Super Bee Pro Street by AMT – Kit #6140

I have only built this one twice (the first time was the stock model) and I can say without too much pause, that I will most likely never build it again. The kit, overall, is one of the worst I’ve ever had to work with. There is a lot of flash; the hood fits as poorly as any kit EVER; the overall fit/finish is 5th rate; and it has gotten so pricey, that only a Coronet owner would need to fool with it. My original thought for this build was to do a tribute to David Freiburger’s ’70 Super Bee (from the famous series Roadkill, on Motor Trend TV), but I just couldn’t get all the correct parts for the build, so this became a one-of-a-kind build – in MY image.

There are a few other versions of this pro street Coronet and they all rank about the same in modeling goodness. I don’t have any idea what type of decals the “Dirty Donny’s” version has, but I assume the rest of the car is the same (message if you’d like to fill me in otherwise!). Revell doesn’t make a ’70 Coronet and I don’t know of any others kits besides AMT’s stock kit… which has multiple iterations.

CAR BACKGROUND :: Here it is folks. THE ugliest Mopar muscle car EVER MADE. The jowls on this car are hideous; it’s too long; doesn’t have interesting lines; and has a bland rear fascia. Sorry Dave.

It IS one of the most interesting looking Mopars of the era and is one, with the right engine choices, that could walk away from even the most violent beasts on the road. Problem with the last statement is that only THIRTEEN of these opted for the Hemi (making them astronomically priced now), and only some 200+ got the 440 six-pack. Now, the plain Jane 440 was STILL a great motor, but there was no beating the other two for bragging rights! Now me, like Mr Freiburger, think this car does make a pretty sweet drag/street car. In his show, he takes his reasonably good Super Bee and makes it a violent piece of machinery. With quarter times in the 11s, his 3800+lb orange moves like nobody’s business and, because it IS so fast, doesn’t need to look like a Challenger doing so.

Don’t ask why, but I am a true fan of hot pink colors for hopped up muscle. To me it screams as loud as the car should. This one is painted Electric Pink and I think it definitely looks the part. I added a gnarly hood scoop from a Chevelle and chrome exhaust, but this was only the start of the mods.

So here is the meat of this bad-boy. A big, evil, hemi. A 484ci hemi to be precise. I used the size from Dave’s Coronet as it is a REAL engine and as good a number as any. The bay is very good for an AMT and the engine fits snugly under the massive scoop. The original kit has the high rise intake sitting outside the hood, but I like the giant scoop on the car much better.


The next thing I wanted to do was add some writing to the story. I added custom “484 HEMI” and “Killer Bee” decals to the front and rear. I know the killer bee thing has been done, but it works for an unholy drag car IMHO and it looks the part too.

As you can see, the home-made license plate finishes off the craziness and I think, IRL, it all makes the car look like something I definitely wouldn’t mess with! I mentioned fit and finish as a complaint, and you can see that while the bumper fits neatly in the pre-made holes in the body, it still is molded to be crooked!

The underside of this car is ALL speed. The mufflers are stock to the kit and I fashioned some chrome exit pipes to go out the sides. I get that drag-ers don’t care much about exhaust getting in the car, and they sure didn’t give much care back when, but I wanted the exhaust to exit out the sides. The pro stock chassis works well and fits seemingly better than the stock AMT Coronet’s chassis did. The wheels are just the cherry on the look and I wish I had more cars this way… it is just bad-a$$.

I know the car looks like there would be nothing wrong with putting this together, but it really is a problem child with getting everything right. It isn’t a floater or missing a bunch of pieces, but it just exudes cheap and annoying. The hood is NEVER quite right (the stock fitting, not the scoop), you’ve seen the rear bumper fail, and the front grill/valance fit is loose and irritating. That said, this is a GREAT kit for making something grumpy and fast looking! It IS a good investment as these are getting SUPER rare and can cost upward of $40. I cannot say it is worth the price to build as there are far cheaper and far more attractive muscle cars… but, I built it… so…

7.0 Mediocre

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