This is a review of the 1965 Dodge Coronet Snap-it by AMT – Kit #1176

This is a car that I’ve always wanted to build because of all the drag racing pictures i’ve seen over the years in my books. Like the 330, Polara, and Savoy, the early Coronet was a heck of a drag car and there were enough time strips to back it up in spades. That said, I liked the actual car’s look and wished they made a model to build. Enter the newly reissued Coronet 500 Snap-it…. Snap???

This is the ONLY other ’65 model car I’ve seen – besides metal, pre-painted versions… and it’s over $200. Looks like it can be built stock, but after building this new kit… I can say that it isn’t worth it by a LONG shot unless you want it for an investment.

CAR BACKGROUND :: The 1965 Coronet was a altogether new model that happened to retain a good bit of the 330’s look. Sporting a new grille and a decorative off-trunk rear light set-up, the car had a further distinctive look. It happened to carry the same engine devilry that the 330 did and the car performed at the drag like few others could. On the street, the Coronet sported the 426 street wedge and some 365hp. This was NOT your grandma’s grocery cart… not by a long shot. Mid-15s in the quarter were easy enough on garbage tires from the dealer, but more so, the torque would snap your neck in half when you got on the throttle. Not quite like the 500hp, 10second cars of the strip. but then again, they weren’t going to get a loaf of bread either!

AMT Snap-it 1965 Dodge Coronet 500 kit

YES… I said SNAP kit. No, I haven’t lost my good senses. This is NOT a normal, ho-hum snap-together kit. Yeah, you won’t have to use much glue (I did out of habit and need, but I think you could get away without ANY), but that isn’t the only point to a snap-kit. This snap kit has an opening hood. It has an engine.. a really nice 426 Wedge to be precise. It has a full interior, a dozen-piece chassis, a reasonable set of rims, AND a large decal sheet. This is 99% a regular kit and will look like one on ANY shelf – no shit. I did this car in Tamiya Pearl Green – not quite a ’65 color – but was one I thought would look the part of a 60’s Dodge. Also stunning for a snap kit – I had to add almost NOTHING.

AMT Snap-it 1965 Dodge Coronet 500 kit

Yup.. a 426 wedge. Complete with all the fixin’s, this engine bay has just about everything you could need – save a well appointed firewall. Most Revell Mopar kits are weak in the firewall detail and this AMT is no different. Wiper motor, a set of wires.. anything would help. The remainder is just modeling goodness. Big battery; well-defined radiator; and a radiator hose. Fantastic… and not very snap-together-y.


AMT Snap-it 1965 Dodge Coronet 500 kit

The interior looks like a regular kit as well. There is good ridge detail, lots of items to add chrome and color, and has a rear view mirror included. The stuff that isn’t included, and should be there, are the roll-bars and the like if you wanted to make a drag-ster out of this kit. In fact, besides the cross-ram intake and scoop, there is almost nothing “speed” about this kit. Sorry rev-heads, if ya want a 10 second car, you’ll need to use your parts bin.

AMT Snap-it 1965 Dodge Coronet 500 kit

The underside of this car is also perfectly non-snap. There is a full exhaust; front and rear suspensions to assemble; excellent wheels/tires; and really good fit and finish. About the only downside about this goodness is the fit to the body of the car. I could not figure out why there was such a gap between the lower body and the chassis. I looked everywhere and couldn’t figure it out. Just sitting, you’d never notice, but it is either a mold flaw or I missed something (wouldn’t be the first time for me, but the snap-kit gremlins may be responsible too).

AMT Snap-it 1965 Dodge Coronet 500 kit

The kit is molded in a horrible blue color (not worth clear coating), still could use a few more pieces, and has too few speed parts for one of the best drag cars of the 60’s, but it is STILL one of the better kits to build that you will find. There is almost NO flash; the pieces fit EASILY since it IS still a snap kit; there is very little glass to install and potentially ruin; AND since it is a newer issue, has little chance of having glass problems, decal issues, and chrome deterioration. It has very little investment potential right now, but it is also reasonably priced and a FUN build. Go buy this SNAP kit!… UGH.

9.25 Excellent

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